Harrogate Climbing Centre Winter Bouldering League Round 2


Well round 2 is now well underway in the winter bouldering league at the Harrogate Climbing Centre, in fact it will draw to a close in a few days time, and I was really hoping to crack the 200 point barrier in this round. A milestone I’m yet to achieve in this competition despite my best efforts. Unfortunately for me this round was no different to previous rounds and despite scoring slightly more than I did in round 1 I’m still seven points short of my goal. I’m also totally busted on attempts, except on the super hard problems, and although it pains me to admit it I’ve had to welcome defeat, once again, with open arms.

Despite scoring a few extra points this time the problems seemed really fiendish and there was a few comments from climbers about how hard the problems were in this round. It was, however, my problem solving that let me down once again. Reading the problems was one of the first things that resident coach Ellie Howard commented on during a bouldering session I had with her a couple of months ago, that and the fact I’m a weakling, and is something that I really need to focus my attention on in the next round in the new year. My problem is reading the problem before I set off climbing. Once I’ve had a few goes on the problem the key to the crux move become all too clear but obviously when scoring points this is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

Despite another disappointing performance overall, I’m pleased I managed to beat the previous rounds score, albeit marginally and I’m looking forward to another attempt and breaking the 200 point mark in the New Year when round 3 kicks off. If anything this round has made me even more determined to beat 200 than I ever have been before!

New years resolution = Must try harder!

Harrogate Climbing Centre

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